Necroplex is a series of 3D printable models designed to build modular walkways and cityscapes for use in tabletop miniature games.

We designed everything to get more terrain on your table with the least possible printing time. Necroplex combines 3D printable pieces with common and affordable terrain building materials, such as foam core, wooden dowels, or PVC pipes, to create large and custom terrain sets that go beyond what is normally capable for just 3D printed terrain.

Fill a tabletop with terrain faster and easier than ever before!

Terrain makers are crafters and builders, and need flexibility, affordability, ease of use, and strength for many game sessions, and we feel our system provides exactly that.

Necroplex blocks are mixed and matched much like common “brick” systems. This means your terrain is as custom as you want it to be. It’s ready to play quickly, more durable than standard crafted terrain, and can be assembled in unique ways each time you play with our locking clamps or easy built-in magnetization options.

Make large scale sci-fi industrial walkways, platforms, buildings, and thundering forges, perfect for your battles deep in the steaming depths of crowded mega-cities of the far future..

Every single piece has been thoroughly tested and designed to fit on popular ‘small bed’ 3d Printers. As a bonus, all pieces print without need for additional supports!

No more overnight prints, have your first project done within hours after getting your files. Build your projects your way.

Each set comes with instructions on how to use printed pieces and building materials together, and we hope to expand on these with build videos and open forums for community members to share their work.

Necroplex City Pack

The core of the Necroplex system, the basic city pack conatins over 150 pieces to start building a vast sci-fi industrial network of buildings, structures, and walkways. It includes a large set of interconnecting edges, clamps, and detail pieces that provide the tools to build, along with supports and bases to take your city to the sky.


The Basic City Pack works with standard 5mm foamcore board to build a potentially limitless array of walkways and buildings. Edge pieces glue over the sides of the foamcore, creating extremely rigid and light platforms, which clamp to struts, supports, and each other using our simple C-Clamp connectors.


Included with the set are a handful of starter “NKEA” instructions, to help guide you through your first builds with Necroplex.


Necroplex Forge Pack

The Basic Forge Pack is a set of over 125 STL 3D printable files, designed to work with wooden dowels and PVC tubing to create columns, industrial pipeways, vents, flaming fuel stacks, and iron clad railings for your walkways. Huge 8-way cauldrons, multi-directional pipe junctions, controller stations, traps, and other sci-fi industrial details will great enhance your tabletop battles.


It also includes a unique ‘spine’ design for movable elevators, light beacons, railings, cargo trolleys, plus all the rotatable gun turret mounts and all gun options, and other functional items for adding interaction and potentially new rules to your city!


Necroplex Canister Pack

The Can-ister Pack is a set of 3D printable STL files, designed to use with standard and slim sized beverage cans, to make large fuel tanks, silos, or to use as bases for linking to the other Necroplex packs. Also included are a set of custom containers for sci-fi chests and dumpsters, with swappable insert plates for a variety of highly detailed options.


Pieces include pipe links that match existing sets in the Forge Pack, as well as edge rails and struts to hook up with the City Pack walkways. Edge rails connect vertically or horizontally.


As with all Necroplex, these pieces are designed to print without supports, use as little plastic as possible to get the most terrain, and to be able to print on popular and affordable “small bed” printers, needing only a print bed of 120mm x 120mm.

“Standard” cans are commonly 330ml and used for soda or water, “Slim” cans are usually 250ml and usually used for energy drinks or ‘mini’ sodas. Standard and Slim cans have the same size top and bottom, and so can share the ‘standard’ caps. Also there’s a “stacker” piece which is designed to allow you to stack cans on top of each other with solid mounts and details.