Lore 24 – Week 1

Hi all! So this year I’ve decided to try and follow one of those online challenges from the Mastadon TTRPG community. #LORE24 is a daily writing challenge to add some element of lore to your projects, and share snippets of it with the community each day to try and help motivate folks.

Last years #DUNGEON23 was a bit much for me to tackle at the time, but I’m hoping to do better with this one.

Wish me luck, Cheers!

Entry 1 – How the Great Wizard was Named

Thomlin shifted uncomfortably, as he glanced at the towering figure in white, maliciously sipping tea across from him. The young adventurer had been told this woman alone could provide real answers on the whereabouts of the lost Great Mage, Barlock the Everlasting.

“Great and Everlasting? Who told you that rubbish?!?..” coughed the glaring silver haired woman, as she adjusted her lofty top-hat another fraction of a degree.

“His greatest achievements are bleating an insane string of words at you fast enough, you’re too confused to punch him. He’s more of a con artist than a magic one.” The woman winced angrily, lost in memory. 

“He ever tell you how he got that title?”

Thomlin slowly shook his head, realizing he was going to be spending a lot more on drinks before the night was over.

The woman took another drag from the thin ivory pipe warming her hands and wiggled slightly to make herself comfortable, before launching into what obviously was going to be a long and complicated saga.

“He locked himself in a bar for a week, and drank the place dry.”

Thomlin sat in numbed silence taking this in, and waiting for the “but” that was sure to come.. The Lady then drained the remainder of her cup, and began packing her pipe with a fresh lump of leaf, deftly ignoring the unspoken distress of her current guest.

“I.. How? Didn’t someone come to break him out?” Thomlin sputtered in confusion.

She lit her pipe slowly with a small flame from her fingertip. The dried leaves crackled softly like wrinkled paper. Lady Madwhite, headmistress of the High Order of Disorderlies, did so enjoy savoring this story like a fine wine. She only allowed herself the pleasure of telling it once every few years. It simply wouldn’t do for it to become common knowledge, and ruin the fun of slandering the pompous old fool who dared once call her wife..

Entry 2 – Firehoney

Firehoney is produced by Cinderhorn bees, which are adapted to fire-prone forests. They collect sap from fire damaged trees, creating a dark honey that shimmers with a fiery glow. Firehoney is believed to boost energy and vitality, and is remarkably spicy in flavor. It’s also particularly effective helping conditions related to infection or inflammation, and is sought after by chefs, alchemists, and healers.