Holidaze of Future Past

Another year has flown by, perhaps literally for 2021.. This year we pushed to finishing up the Weathered Well and successfully launched it via Kickstarter! We’re very proud of the work that’s gone into this adventure, and expect you’ll find it a polished and tidy little attempt at a standalone TTRPG module!

We had plans for following up with a Holiday theme’d adventure, but life got in the way. Have no fear, that adventure, and it’s sinister growling snarling roof climbing gift-bringing, will make a much more well made return next year.

We’re now working on a handful of projects, including some long LONG awaited build videos for Necroplex. Being a tiny tiny studio, balancing other work and obligations is always a challenge, but it’s the fans and folks in the TTRPG industry than make it all worthwhile.

Cheers, and may your next year be a full one.