Dungeon Drafter

Dungeon Drafter is the perfect tool for creating and tracking the exciting details of all your adventures!

Fight game master burnout with this finely tuned adventure design workbook! Nothing kills a campaign faster than a DM struggling to create unique and meaningful games for their players over and over and over.. You need every tool you can find to help fight the War against Time and Drudgery, fight back with a tool that can really help! Dungeon Drafter!

Not a mere page after page of blank graphs or lines, we designed this journal around how we actually write and play adventures ourselves. We’ve been running and playing tabletop roleplaying games for over 40 years and have used that experience to help design this adventure composition book to read and flow in ways that work during play sessions. With a mix of guided prompts to start things off, and plenty of mixed journal pages including open dotted, lined, graphed and just enough custom ones to help kick things along.

Start off by blocking out your story quickly using the unique Story Block page. Refined from a union of many of the best systems used by professional writers and adventure designers, the Story Block gives you a super quick way to add drama and meaning to your games.

Then add meat to the bones of your epic quests with a layout structured to match those of popular published adventures, complete with prompts for adventure hooks, room description blocks, npc portraits and bios, and more. Finish it all up with help from customized Randomizer tables, and sign your name on the spine to live forever in infamy as the most prepared game master of all!

150+ Pages
Each workbook contains:

  • Instructions on Story Structure
  • Story Randomizer tables
  • Blank Random Tables for customizing
  • Fillable Contents page, with easy reference side tabs
  • 6 large Adventure Chapters, each with the following:.
    • The Story Block, to help create truly engaging & exciting adventures
    • Guided Prompts for breaking down the main who, what, why and what’s in it for your players
    • Concept & character Gallery pages
    • Story Hooks & Key Character tracking pages
    • Graph paper Map Sheets, with ready-to-use room & area description blocks
    • Bullet and dot-lined journal pages for notes and details

Dive into quickly creating fantastic adventures with Dungeon Drafter!