Welcome to the home of Hack Shack Games. We’re a tiny tiny cadre of gamers who’ve gathered together our ragtag fleet to head out into the vast cosmos of indie tabletop games!

Vario’s Carts, Carriages, & Contraptions

Vario’s Carts, Carriages, & Contraptions is a simple straight-to-the-point compendium
of rules and stats for handling a variety of land vehicles for your adventures.

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The Year Without a Cinderclaws

The Year Without a Cinderclaws is a low tier adventure for the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Inspired simultaneously by medieval yule horrors and modern tv holiday special nostalgia, woven together into a unique and fantastic wintery fey adventure.

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Grim Fey Grimoire

The Grim Fey Grimoire is a collection of monsters, magic items, trinkets, and a new necromantic themed druid subclass, all designed for low tier (level 1-4) characters.

Note: All of the contents of this book can also be found in The Weathered Well.

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A unique 3D printable block system for extending the functionality of custom crafted foam and pipe tabletop gaming terrain.

Fill your table quicker than standard Print and play 3D printables, with this system of interlocking blocks, edges, platforms, connectors and more!

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The Weathered Well

Our first dive into tabletop RPG’s is an introductory adventure for character’s level 1-2. This adventure is meant to evoke very classical roleplaying themes, including perhaps the most classic dungeon entrance of all, the old abandoned well..

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Dungeon Drafter

Dungeon Drafter is the perfect tool for creating and tracking the exciting details of all your adventures!

Fight game master burnout with this finely tuned adventure design workbook! Nothing kills a campaign faster than a DM struggling to create unique and meaningful games for their players over and over and over.. You need every tool you can find to help fight the War against Time and Drudgery, fight back with a tool that can really help! Dungeon Drafter!

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